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Monday, February 12, 2007

We know this won't continue

Any guesss on how many points Dominic James is averaging in MU's last three outings?

How about six while shooting less than 15% from the field (14.3% on 5 for 35 shooting). The kicker -- he missed 14 consecutive three pointers.

Want some good news? MU won two of those three games, and during the stretch James handed out 13 assists against just four turnovers........and history shows his shooting/scoring woes won't continue.

During MU's 0-2 start in conference play, James was a loathsome 1-15 from three-point range and averaged just 9 points per game on 26% shooting (6-23 from the field). After bottoming out against Syracuse, James responded big time with 17 points at UConn to lead MU to a clutch victory over the Huskies and followed that up with 21 points in a convincing home win over West Virginia. James was named the Big East's player of the week for his efforts. But he wasn't done ......... DJ followed that up with another Big East player of the week nod the following week.

Me thinks he's ready for Act II.

Bring on DePaul.

MU fans --- time to turn the Allstate Arena into the Bradley Center South once again! As of this morning, you can still get a pair of tickets in Section 209 for Wednesday's game. WEAR GOLD!


Anonymous said...

Anyone notice how McSteal hasn't in the last 3 games, OK he won the SF game but has averaged only one and a fraction lately? Whats up with that?

Anonymous said...

You can't steal the ball from the bench. And even McNeal will play tentitively if he knows he's got to leave the game if he picks up more fouls so he isn't going for the steals in his limited minutes.

Anonymous said...

Will TC ever tell DJ to stop shooting the three ball? some of his recent attempts have been NBA distance and at inopportune times... Need him to make better decisions especially when he's in a slump.

J.J. Pauly said...

tc will never tell his leading scorer not to shoot the ball, but he will tell him to be smart and think out there...at least i hope he does.