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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe reports on Kentucky and Crean

Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe reported this morning on the Tony Kornheiser radio show the following:

Ryan's "inside sources" (take that for whatever they are worth) tell Ryan that Kentucky Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart wants Tom Crean as the head coach of Kentucky. The alumni and boosters are pushing hard in a different direction as they don't believe Crean is a "sexy" enough hire for the Bluebloods and prefer John Caliprari #2 after Billy Donovan, the clear fan favorite. Ryan went on to say he believes ultimately it will be Billy Donovan who will take the job once the Final Four is over.

Stay tuned....

Meanwhile, an article everyone should read about the web of college hoops expectations.


Anonymous said...

This is getting me as excited as whether Jerel will play or not.

Anonymous said...

what about jerel?

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to not appreciate Crean's not speaking about this subject. It would indicate he is interested in the job, meaning he's thinking of abandoning Marquette. Makes all that "ownership" talk ring hollow, and that would piss me off. What do we have to do? Pay him $4m? 20 year contract? Make Riley the Dean of Engineering?

TB said...

Gimme a friggin break, Anonymous.

How the heck is Crean supposed to comment on his 'interest' in the Kentucky job -- perhaps there is not any mutual interest.

its ridiculous to think that every spring TC should come out and profess his devotion to his employer

He's been there 8 years, and actions speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, that is jumping to a lot of unsubstantiated conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Every year Crean's name has been bandied about, the end result has been a new contract/extension, so it made sense for him to hold out and not profess his loyalty as leverage. Thats not the case this year,with a giant 10 year contract making him one of the top 10 highest paid.

In the end, every time, there was a new contract and a statement like "i'm staying here, I love MU" and sometimes "school x didn't even contact me."

So with the lack of contract talks, and the lack of a statement,it's not a far reach to believe he is indeed trying to get this job and abandon MU. Crean's name is out there because he wants it out there.

But really:Is it unlawful for a fan to be pissed if his coach leaves or tries to leave?

Anonymous said...

To NY Warriors point, I think it's ridiculous to think Coach Crean wouldn't be interested in the Kentucky job? Of course he is! What would be disengenious is if he said he wasn't interested if he had discussed the position!