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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Top 2016 Teams/Players: Southern (Ranked 21)

We hope Marquette can pick up one of the top available players from our rankings here. Tonight we run through the competition - ranking all the conferences competing with the Big East for bids, and ranking both their teams and top 40 players. 

The Southern Conference look really solid this year, with a potential three-team race between Wofford, Chattanooga and Mercer who could all scare someone in March if they are hot.

Natl RnkConferenceTeamRecordRawValue Add
215East Tennessee St.16--1411.3611.63
245UNC Greensboro11--22 10.969.91
250Western Carolina15--178.529.81
269Virginia Military Inst11--19 10.288.85
293Furman11--22 8.327.54
302The Citadel11--19 10.167.08
Natl RnkTop 40 PlayersTeamHtYrValue Add
195White, RJ 34UNC Greensboro6'83 Jr5.14
224Spivey, JavonteThe Citadel6'03 Jr5
262Croone, Stephen 14Furman6'04 Sr4.76
287Pryor, Greg 1Chattanooga6'12 So4.59
312Jelks, Stephon 15Mercer6'62 So4.44
325Williams, TimSamford6'83 Jr4.33
348Tuoyo, Justin 31Chattanooga6'103 Jr4.21
425Jones, Casey 24Chattanooga6'54 Sr3.89
583Browning, Justin 23Western Carolina6'44 Sr3.25
634Merriweather, A.J. 13East Tennessee St.6'23 Jr3.07
653Robertson, Eric 15Chattanooga6'43 Jr3.01
724Moten, Darious 22Mercer6'64 Sr2.87
728Garcia, Eric 5Wofford5'113 Jr2.86
817Bryan, Jibri 34Mercer6'44 Sr2.63
862Collins, Spencer 14Wofford6'44 Sr2.55
884Brown, Mike 2Western Carolina6'34 Sr2.49
920Anglade, Phillip 32Virginia Military Inst6'54 Sr2.41
929Allen, Jaylen 20Wofford6'32 So2.4
946Lewis, Jestin 5Mercer6'14 Sr2.36
993Skinner, Lee 34Wofford6'64 Sr2.27
1081Leonard, Phillip 1Mercer6'24 Sr2.14
1089Cunningham, Christian 10Samford6'22 So2.12
1118White, Brian 32The Citadel6'83 Jr2.08
1132Harris, Devin 2East Tennessee St.6'42 So2.04
1275Neumann, C.J. 31Wofford6'74 Sr1.85
1299Brooks, Derrick 1Wofford6'22 So1.82
1307Saddler, Tevon 0UNC Greensboro6'63 Jr1.81
1316Thompson, Brandon 1The Citadel5'112 So1.8
1323Banks, Isaac 10East Tennessee St.6'72 So1.78
1403Baldwin, Diante 3UNC Greensboro6'03 Jr1.69
1449Iruafemi, Fred 5Virginia Military Inst6'62 So1.62
1488Wilson, Lester 15East Tennessee St.6'44 Sr1.57
1548Brummitt, Torrion 4Western Carolina6'74 Sr1.52
1583Panaggio, Matt 2Mercer6'32 So1.47
1586Jackson, Cameron 33Wofford6'72 So1.47
1630Taylor, Evan 11Samford6'42 So1.41
1660Jones-Gibson, Derius 15Samford6'14 Sr1.37
1674Peterson, QJ 22Virginia Military Inst6'03 Jr1.35
1693Eleby, Julian 35Virginia Military Inst6'33 Jr1.32
1706Oldham, Dee 1Chattanooga6'44 Sr1.3

These are the top 40 players in the conference based on the rankings at www.valueaddbasketball.com. The team rankings are 50% based on the sum of each team’s Value Add ratings and 50% based on last year (since better teams typically replenish after losing stars). With over 4000 players projected in the database, we WELCOME all corrections in the comments field.

Value Add was first introduced on www.crackedsidewalks.com, and calculates how many points better each player is worth to his team over how good they would be if he was replaced. The projections measure the standard improvement in a player between his freshman, sophomore, junior and senior seasons, and the evaluation of incoming freshman and JUCO players.

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