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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Top 2016 Teams/Players: Southland (Ranked 25)

We hope Marquette can pick up one of the top available players from our rankings here. Tonight we run through the competition - ranking all the conferences competing with the Big East for bids, and ranking both their teams and top 40 players. 

We were one of the few that did NOT pick Stephen F. Austin to beat Utah in March Madness. Apparently many TV commentators do not realize that defense (Utah) is every important as the high scoring offenses in the most exciting conference in the country. It is unheard of for a low-major conference to have four of the top 67 players in the country, but starting with potential All-American Jalan West and SFA's Thomas Walkup, this is the conference to watch.

Last year Incarnate Word stunned Nebraska - this year they might not be the big underdog.

Natl RnkConferenceTeamRecordRawValue Add
44Stephen F. Austin29--527.2326.70
139Sam Houston St.26--910.2316.15
171Northwestern St.19--1318.8215.06
199Texas A&M Corpus Christi20--1412.7212.83
225Incarnate Word18--1110.6011.15
294New Orleans11--18 8.437.51
301Houston Baptist12--16 8.257.22
304Southeastern Louisiana9--23 7.456.87
321McNeese St.15--163.505.73
322Nicholls St.10--19 6.815.69
341Abilene Christian10--21 3.523.56
343Central Arkansas2--27 5.163.46
Natl RnkTop 40 PlayersTeamHtYrValue Add
17West, Jalan 12Northwestern St.5'104 Sr8.63
21Walkup, Thomas 0Stephen F. Austin6'44 Sr8.41
45Woodley, Zikiteran 23Northwestern St.6'23 Jr7.49
67Charles, Ty 4Stephen F. Austin6'52 So6.71
338Amin, Ehab 4Texas A&M Corpus Christi6'32 So4.26
360Ibarra, Josh 44Houston Baptist6'102 So4.14
709Hittle, Kyle 4Incarnate Word6'54 Sr2.91
746Floyd, Demetrious 1Stephen F. Austin5'112 So2.81
771Johnson, Jared 3Stephen F. Austin6'04 Sr2.74
778Johnson, Shawn 10Incarnate Word6'42 So2.71
819Williams, Jamal 20Sam Houston St.6'42 So2.63
972Thomas, Quinton 23Nicholls St.6'22 So2.32
1006Majauskas, Aurimas 34Sam Houston St.6'73 Jr2.24
1030Kennedy, ChristianLamar6'103 Jr2.2
1048Joubert, Derrell 23McNeese St.6'12 So2.18
1191Thomas, Rashawn 25Texas A&M Corpus Christi6'73 Jr1.99
1230Badillo, Mitchell 2Incarnate Word5'104 Sr1.92
1240Lopez, Jesse 5Sam Houston St.6'72 So1.9
1298Currie, Jelani 11Texas A&M Corpus Christi6'44 Sr1.82
1332Pinkney, Trey 10Stephen F. Austin5'94 Sr1.78
1333Geffrard, Clide 11Stephen F. Austin6'54 Sr1.78
1336Wentz, Parker 3Abilene Christian5'94 Sr1.77
1348Cooke, Austin 12Abilene Christian6'74 Sr1.75
1387Sears, Dontavious 23Lamar6'44 Sr1.71
1440Baxter, Paul 21Sam Houston St.6'14 Sr1.63
1480Walker, Jontrell 0Incarnate Word6'12 So1.58
1527McBeath, Sam 15Nicholls St.6'74 Sr1.53
1543Gill, Christavious 5New Orleans5'83 Jr1.52
1564Howard, Jordan 1Central Arkansas5'112 So1.49
1566Thomas, Liam 24Nicholls St.6'103 Jr1.49
1612Rumph, Zach 13Southeastern Louisiana5'112 So1.43
1628Thompson, Sabri 21Northwestern St.6'33 Jr1.41
1651Douvier, Bryce 23Texas A&M Corpus Christi6'74 Sr1.38
1657Thibodeaux, Travin 25New Orleans6'82 So1.37
1661Jackson, Zay 10Southeastern Louisiana6'04 Sr1.37
1718Pye, Brandon 0Texas A&M Corpus Christi6'04 Sr1.29
1733Odunsi, Anthony 35Houston Baptist6'44 Sr1.27
1738Frye, Nate 3New Orleans6'13 Jr1.27
1750Martin, Michael 30Central Arkansas6'04 Sr1.25
1793Milligan, Michael 0Central Arkansas6'62 So1.19

These are the top 40 players in the conference based on the rankings at www.valueaddbasketball.com. The team rankings are 50% based on the sum of each team’s Value Add ratings and 50% based on last year (since better teams typically replenish after losing stars). With over 4000 players projected in the database, we WELCOME all corrections in the comments field.

Value Add was first introduced on www.crackedsidewalks.com, and calculates how many points better each player is worth to his team over how good they would be if he was replaced. The projections measure the standard improvement in a player between his freshman, sophomore, junior and senior seasons, and the evaluation of incoming freshman and JUCO players.

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