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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dameon Mason granted release from Marquette

Head Coach Tom Crean and Marquette University granted Dameon Mason his release from his scholarship today. Crean had stated several weeks ago that he would not release Mason unless he performed well in the classroom. New rules handed down by the NCAA last month allow for the the withdrawl of scholarships if certain academic requirements are not met. Crean cited those new rules as a reason for holding up Mason's release. If Mason had decided to "mail it in" for the end of the semester his new school would likely have still taken him as a transfer, but the poor performance in the classroom would penalize Marquette under the new system.

We can assume by the release that Mr. Mason continued his academic progress at Marquette for the remainder of this past semester to the standards agreeable by all. We wish Mr. Mason luck at his new institution, wherever that may be.

Here is the complete article on Mason's release.

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