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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Marquette GOLD?????

In a STUNNING announcement that left students, alumni and Milwaukeans in disbelief, the Board of Trustees decided not to bring back the Warriors nickname and not to retain Golden Eagles, but instead choose the Marquette GOLD. Respondents to the Journal Sentinel online poll currently runs at 98% against the new name. Phone calls are flooding into Steve "the Homer" True's call in show ridiculing the new decision. 11 years later, the nickname debate rages on at Marquette...perhaps made worse by a decision that truly has taken everyone by surprise.

The university also revealed a new logo with their announcement. Assuming the logo was not designed in the last 3 hours, it appears that the decision to go to the Marquette Gold was made prior to today (sarcasm off/)

What is even more puzzling (disheartening) are the results of the surveys given to Marquette students, alumni, and staff. Based on the information of those results, a decision like this is truly mindboggling. A complete link to the survey results can be found here.

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Chas said...


My condolences.

The Big East will now have the Orange and the Gold. I will now be in fear that St. John's will shorten themselves to the Red, or that Rutgers will follow by dropping the "Knights" and simply be the Scarlet.

Anonymous said...

This is crap

Anonymous said...

hahaha...You have to watch what you wish for. SHould of taken good enough because now you have just laughable.