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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Nickname Voting Process: Items to Consider

With the release of the final list of candidates, MU will open up the polls tomorrow to help select a new nickname for the university. During phase one of the voting, the community will select from 10 names plus a write-in option. The top two nicknames from this first vote will then face off in a second vote to decide the new nickname. Here's a breakdown of what to expect:

  • Students, faculty and staff will use their unique MU IDs to access the survey beginning on May 24. Each individual will be eligible to cast two votes in the first segment of this process. Next month, when the two finalists are revealed, these individuals will use their MU IDs to vote once again. Votes may also be cast via the telephone (which will be indicated on the email).
  • Alumni and season ticket holders will receive their unique PIN code via a first-class mailing from MU. The items were mailed today. Alums need to keep that mailer for both voting opportunities - - - this PIN code will be required for each round of voting. If a PIN code is lost, the Office of Alumni Relations can help to recover it. Votes may also be cast via the telephone (which will be indicated on the mailer). The voting process will not take place on MU Connect.
Voting on the first ballot will close on Sunday, June 5. The final vote will begin on June 7. A new nickname will be in place by July 1.

During each voting cycle, the ballot totals will be held in confidence until the voting process is complete. Note that during the first round of voting, MU will discard write-in votes for Warriors or any derivation of the term 'war'. MU will also eliminate votes that are meant to offend the university. While these write-in will be discarded, the other vote cast will be counted.

All official information can be found at the Nickname Decision site.

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