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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A stroll down nightmare lane....the MU Gold 1 year ago

It was one year ago this past week that Marquette announced a new nickname to be....... the Marquette Gold. Do you remember? Or have you buried it in the deep recesses of your brain hoping to never have it surface again.

Well, just in case you wanted to stroll down memory lane again, we have archived much of the discussion of the day with applicable articles, polls, etc.

Can't guarantee all the links or movies still work, but here you go. Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page first after you click on the archive link. The older articles start at the bottom and then work themselves progressively through the timeline.

The Marquette Gold Archives (click and then scroll to the bottom)


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Anonymous said...

Man, you guys are desparate for content this week.