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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Worst of the 80s

The offseason gives us the chance to search out content that's quasi-related to Marquette basketball. Or maybe not.

With that in mind today we'll enter the "Worst Video of the 1980s" debate launched by Corey and Mudge. Among the crud they've already cyled through - - Mickey by Toni Basil and Centipede by Rebbe Jackson.

Garbage to be sure. And the war rages on tonight....and I think we have a winner - - the hideous video for Kurtis Blow's Basketball.

This video has it all, not to mention being a lousy example of old school rap. Kurtis has the GeriCurl thing working throughout, employs awful dancers as cheerleaders, and reinforces the early MTV-era mantra that 'every video requires bad dancing'.

Moreover, Kurtis appears to be as coordinated as yours truly and apparently stole the set and street fightin' dance team from the Beat It video. You gotta love dancers tryin to hoop it up! To top it off, Kurtis gave the world a cameo by the Fat Boys.

From a basketball perspective, Blow loses points for not inlcuding a Marquette reference in the song and certainly was banned from all future fantasy basketball leagues for announcing that Kareem was the "center on my starting team".

Sorry, Kurtis but that was Moses' era.

Enjoy (courtesy of YouTube)


Corey said...

I hate you :)

Anonymous said...

awesome!!! thanks!