"My rule was I wouldn't recruit a kid if he had grass in front of his house.
That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Bradley Center Rocks

I admit it, I'm going through basketball withdrawl. With no MU basketball since April, I've been lookin' for a fix . . . . and found a gem on Youtube, courtesy of world-renowed Alum91.

Check out this fantastic clip from Senior Day back in March -- the opening of the MU/PC game.

Wow, the Bradley Center is electric --- MU fans are loud, passionate and completely into the game for the duration here. Its no wonder that MU averaged 14,000 per game last season (can you say 16K in 06-07?!) and wins at the BC with impressive regularlity - - - even against the nation's best.

This is one great college basketball environment. This is Marquette.


Anonymous said...

Hey have you seen the July 17 recruiting article on SI.com? It's called "Summer Notebook" by Seth Davis, and in part of the article he has this to say about Tom Crean:

"Several college coaches hung around the next day to watch the counselors play again. I noticed that Marquette coach Tom Crean, who was sitting a few spots away, was the only one who was taking notes the entire time, marking down the players' strengths, weaknesses and tendencies. I don't know any coach who works harder or pays more attention to details than Crean. There's a reason his teams at Marquette routinely overachieve."

Thought you might want to include it on the blog, it's great to have the positive press for TC, not that he needs it! In addition to the comments about the BC, I was wondering if you saw this blurb on ESPN.com "Small ball may be the new chic in Milwaukee" article from July 28.

"Marquette: If you want to know what kind of clout Tom Crean has in Milwaukee, all you have to do is see if he pulls off moving a Milwaukee Bucks game to get a home date compatible with an ESPN College GameDay slot. The Big East and Marquette want to show off what has become one of the toughest places to play in the country. So far, Crean was moving ahead with getting the date open. Don't be surprised if he pulls it off. Milwaukee has a shot to show the Golden Eagles at their best and won't let it slip by."

Thanks for all your hard work, the blog is great and I share it with all of my friends! I'm also a student and a member of the orientation staff at MU so you know I'll be telling all the new freshmen to read it too!

TB said...

hey, thanks for the comment and support!

I did see that Seth Davis blurb, but that hit during a hell week at work and we were unable to highlight that mention here on the blog.

As for the 'small ball' notion, we did a post on that last week -- great ink for MU, witout question. Here is the permalink to that post, http://marquettebasketball.blogspot.com/2006/07/smallball-mus-style-of-play-leads-way.html

have fun at orientation --

Anonymous said...

Hey, how 'bout some credit for the guy who filmed that? [cough][cough] That Alum91 is one heck of a guy. [cough][cough]

Anonymous said...

A.Fish....amen! My fiance used to think I was such a freak because I haven't missed a home game in 7 years...now all she wears is our Blue & Gold!! (she went to a public school north of us)
There is nothing like a home game...and every year they get so much better. TC brought us back to greatness, and there is no price tag you can put on that; the pride & love from the fans is a special thing. Could you imagine hosting an ESPN College Game Day!!??