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Friday, August 18, 2006

Marquette Basketball: The Benchmark for Program Marketing

Here's an article I never thought I'd see . . . Marquette being recognized as the benchmark for how to market a college basketball program. This article validates what many of us have noticed in the last decade -- MU is not only committed to big-time basketball, they are equally committed to providing a sense of excitement, pride, and owndership in the program to its key constituencies. Bravo, MU.

Here's the article by Lauren Reynolds at ESPN.COM, and a key excerpt.

Without a population in the millions to draw from (like other multi-sport cities), there are often more sporting options than fans. Attracting a consistent crowd for Marquette basketball games at the Bradley Center has been a lesson in creativity for the athletic department.


Anonymous said...

The headline on the article isn't exactly flattering for Marquette: "Creativity is king when marketing SMALLER programs". Surprised that the little man -- Chico -- hasn't taken offense yet.

Anonymous said...

Based on the chart they ran earlier in the week, I'd say small was a reference to size of the department and budget.

Anonymous said...

This is only slightly off topic, but when will Marquette have the 06-07 schedule posted? My son's very eager to watch them play, but we don't know to check back. Any help would be appreciated.

TB said...

with history as a guide, we'll see the MU schedule in September.....MU's is usually very late -- TV drives alot of that. We'll have it here when its released