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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

In demand: Iman Shumpert

Here's a nice article about MU target Iman Shumpert from the local Pioneer Press newspaper in the Oak Park area. The article is not up to date with Shumpert's recruiting, but it does offer insight into the process and his development.

The recruiting interest in Shumpert started to grow by leaps and bounds after he grew from 5-foot-7 as a freshman to 6-4 when the 2006-2007 season started.

It also didn't hurt for Shumpert to improve his perimeter shooting ability which was noticed by recruiters on the AAU summer circuit.

"I struggled my sophomore year (while) growing into my body," said Shumpert...."I felt my sophomore year was wasted. That summer I worked really hard on my skills and my junior year I became a major part of the team. I wasn't being recruited at all (after the sophomore season). I played that summer against the top players and seemed to do pretty well and my confidence started to build. Maybe I can play with the best."

Allen said the competitive drive to win is one reason Shumpert is so successful.

"His intensity is just as high (at practice) as it is out there against the big boys," Allen said. "He can go to the basket and dunk, as well as pull up for a 3-pointer. That is really a dangerous combination. If you help (on defense) he has three sets of eyes and will find an open teammate.

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