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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Monday, August 13, 2007

Rosiak tid-bits

Todd Rosiak has a great blog entry today.


  • Cubillan is starting for Venezuela .. but the team is 0-6 so far.
  • Marquette will be playing 4 games over two days Sept 1-2 in Vancouver.
  • MU gets 10 practices before leaving for Canada. (That's huge.)
  • Trend Blackledge is doing fine in school.
  • MU tried to get a Home & Home on the schedule with Alabama, fell through. Texas and Maryland wanted H&Hs, but MU turned them down as it appears the series would have started on the road, and with Maui and @UW, MU's road slate is "full."
  • Gonzaga wanted a game in Chicago and return game in Seattle, no thanks.
  • Jason Rabedeaux has returned from his absence and is now the Director of Basketball Ops.

Lots of other news bits. Read the whole blog entry here.


jce said...

The only thing that disappoints me is the series with Gonzaga. I think that would have been interesting.

Brad said...

What's wrong with a game vs Gonzaga at Chicago, and one in Seattle? Wouldn't MU want to showcase themselves in front of the fertile Chicago recruiting grounds? What are they afraid of?

jce said...

They are not afraid of anything. The problem boils down to renting the United Center and then selling enough tickets to make it worthwhile. They can make more money at the Bradley Center.

Gene Frenkle said...

Playing in Chicago for MU vs. playing in Seattle for the Zags is night and day. MU doesn't have nearly the fan support in Chicago as Seattle/Zags do. Also, throw in the revenue for the suites and etc., and Milwaukee is a much more fair place to be for MU's standpoint.

Wish that would have gone down, though. Also, bringing up Tennessee and Pearl would be fun.