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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Media Updates for Wednesday

Here's what folks all around the country are saying about the upcoming Marquette-Kentucky matchup:

Don't forget to read our entry on 'Know Your Opponent', a special Q/A from a UK fan right here.

Much more to come today and tomorrow as gametime approaches.


Anonymous said...

Since when does Rosiak produce a Golden Eagles Report? I thought it was a Warrior Report.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me there has been and influx of UK fans on this site. Suddenly the "how will MU fare.." vote has 3x the number of votes and 50% of voters say we will lose.

The UK site that discusses earliest memories of Marquette BBall is an interesting read. Amazing what those folks recall. BTW who is Todd McIlvaine?

Anonymous said...

Getting on the plane from ATL to LAX in 10 hours - getting nervous. One encouraging note is that our national-high 11 games against top 25 teams this year (4-7 record, but could have been 6-5). Prior to this year we had never played more than 7 games against Top 25 teams prior to post season play. The first time we played 7 games against the Top 25 was teh 1976-77 season, where we went only 2-5, but then ...