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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Will the MU game be on television in your area? Chicago fans you get Purdue. See preliminary listings

We don't have a coverage map yet, but we do have the listings from CBS where the game will be broadcast constantly vs partially based on where you live.

Of course there are other options like Directv's Mega March Madness where each game will be in HD will get you the game wherever you live. Some markets will multicast games, but there are only about 25 of those markets in the country out of 210 total. Then there is the online version you can watch for free but free is basically getting what you pay for.

You folks in Chicago are not getting the game unfortunately because you're getting the Purdue game. NYC fans aren't either.

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Anonymous said...

Sure looks like MU-UK is the national game. GO Marquette!