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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Filling the void at the point: An update on Johnny Lacy

Johnny Lacy, a 5'10" whirling dervish of a point guard from Milwaukee, turned in an impressive performance at the King James Classic recently. According to HoopsReport.com, Lacy was one of the top performers in the camp where he ran the point for the Playground Elite squad (the same squad that MU target Jamil Wilson runs with). Per HoopsReport.com

We saw Lacy play in an event in Milwaukee last month and we came away highly impressed with both his quickness and shooting ability and after seeing him a second time this weekend in Akron, we are completely sold on this guy.
Lacy currently lists MU, Tennessee, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Cincy.

Talk about Lacy here on MUScoop.com.


Unknown said...

I hope we can get him if his eligibility is there.

Championships Matter said...

Oh good grief... the cheesehead crowd is out again!

Just because he is from Wisconsin does not make him great! So he had a good camp .... wonderful. Lets see how he does next year and whether, at 5'10", he can be the slicing, penetrating guard we need.

Let's go national. We're not UWSP or something@!@

Packer Pat said...

Hey Champ Matter,

Nothing wrong with keeping an eye on top talent in our own state.

Check your arrogance at the door or take it elsewhere because we are Marquette, not Chicago, not South Bend, not Boston. Times are tough so no need to turn a blind eye on guys in our own back yard.

Championships Matter said...

Uh, Packer Pat, I recall a time during the Raymonds malaise when the most talent we had was Terrell Schlundt. We spent too much time in Wisconsin because of a mentality that Marquette was not the cream of the crop.

That's scarey. It is a self-fulfilling and dangerous philosophy.

Times are turbulent. They are not tough. We have a good team coming back next year. We have an inexperienced but eager coach and we need to reach out beyond the cheese curtain.

No doubt, if the guy can play great! But he shouldn't get bonus points because he's a cheesehead.