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Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Updates - Recruiting and Attendance

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Attendance - edited
Our beloved Marquette was 14th in attendance for the 2006-2007 season according to the official NCAA report. The NCAA has not yet released official figures for the 2007-2008 season.

According to the Marquette Athletic Department's unofficial numbers for the past season, MU will again rank #14 in the country at 16,239 (which is a record attendance figure at MU). This number is still #3 in the BIG EAST behind Syracuse (#3 nationally behind Kentucky and North Carolina) and Louisville (#5 nationally).

Thanks to MU for clarifying this point with us earlier today.


  • According to Mark Miller at wissports.net, Providence College and new coach Keno Davis have offered a scholarship to Jeronne Maymon. Maymon was planning on taking an unofficial visit to Marquette yesterday.
    • Updated - According to Mark Miller, the visit went well. Maymon's father commented
    • “It was great meeting with Buzz Williams and the other coaches,” Tim Maymon said. “Things went well.”
  • Updated - From the same report by Mark Miller, Marquette has now extended a scholarship offer to 2010 Randolph player Kyle Kelm. Kelm is a fast rising, 6'9" player that reminds some of Steve Novak with his ability to shoot from distance. Kyle plays for the Wisconsin Swing 16U squad that won the Wisconsin State AAU championships recently. According to Mark, this is Buzz' first scholarship offer to a 2010 player. Make sure you check out Mark's link for more information, including quotes.
  • AJ Walton is a name that is now popping up on Marquette's recruiting list. The 6'1" point guard from Little Rock is a top 100 player in 2009. He also has Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Baylor on his list. AJ's favorite player in the NBA is Dwyane Wade. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette, which recently named him their Mr. Basketball, has a nice article about Walton.
  • A new name on the list for Marquette is Latavious Williams. Coach Buzz Williams is strongly after the "All-Williams" team, but since Latavious Williams is a five-star, #13 overall ranked power forward in the class of 2009, we guess that helps too. A K-State blog says that Latavious lists Marquette in his top five. Chances are probably slim for Marquette, but it's always nice to see us listed as contenders with five-star recruits.
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edit: updated information regarding attendance figures and included additional information regarding Kyle Kelm and Jeronne Maymon from Mark Miller.

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