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Friday, May 09, 2008

James enjoys the Buzz, media updates

Jeff Goodman of FoxSports catches up with Dominic James -- who has nothing but good things to say about Buzz Williams, Trevor Mbakwe and Chris Otule (along with a shot at Tommy Irsay).

Goodman also reports that 2008 combo guard Varez Ward will visit Texas this weekend -- no word on any interest regarding MU.

Mike DeCourcy writes up an incongruous review of the Buzz Williams hire....strangely TSN says MU made a decision 'in a panic', but ultimately rates the hire as a solid 'B'.

In honor of Buzz......Buzz 'I Hate New Media' Bissinger that is, Deadspin is worried about Dwyane Wade these days. Dating Star Jones? Are you kidding me.


Unknown said...

The only thing DeCourcey got wrong was the "B" grade. I'd give it a "D" with a real chance at an "F." Marquette absolutely, positively and without question made the hire in a panic. Anybody disputing this is simply paying lip service to a horrible process. Three days to hire the most visible person in the university? Three days!?!? And they come up with a guy with 9 months at Marquette and basically 3 years in high Division 1 basketball?

I just hope we don't turn into Milwaukee Jesuit Junior College. Unfortunately, our signings and a significant portion of the staff is pointing in that direction.

I know it's bad form, but I honestly think Marquette has somehow, gently, got to leak their hiring process so that the fanbase can see they made efforts to get somebody else.

Dale said...

Absolutely hilarious!

From a comment on the Buzz tirade page.