"My rule was I wouldn't recruit a kid if he had grass in front of his house.
That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Friday, June 20, 2008

Double dipping in NYC

Buzz Williams and his staff are involved with literally dozens of prospects for the 2009 class where he has two more scholarships to offer. The Big East Basketball Report updates us on two of those prospects, guard Omari Lawrence (think Tyshawn Taylor with a more refined offensive game) and small forward Kevin Parrom -- two of NYC's top prospects.

The pair, who play for the New York Panthers this summer, are expected to visit Marquette together on June 26.


Unknown said...


Gene Frenkle said...

Awesome indeed. Getting a(two) premier player(s) from the NY area could go a long way for the fans and the program. Shows that Buzz isn't constricted by one junior college and Texas.

Anonymous said...

Go Buzz McGuire!

Championships Matter said...

If Buzz gets either or both of these young gentlemen, my only question will be:

Tommy Who?

Here's hoping Tommy Traitor spends many years in the Big 10 basement looking up at a National Championship banner being hung in Milwaukee!

bamamarquette1fan said...

I'm afraid Big 10 has too many declining programs for Indiana to get all the way to the bottom, but agree that either NY recruit would bring back memories of McGuire walking in and getting George Thompson from NY to start the streak.

Unknown said...

And of course, none of you have any problem with Marquette going after a kid (Parrom) who left school because of an altercation with his coach. Of course not.

Championships Matter said...

Richard, you young pup. When McGuire was head coach, he and
a back-up guard from Waukesha went at it in practice one day.

McGuire decked him. Next thing you know, the guard got up and after a minute, practice restarted.

People are just too sensitive today.

May I ask, Mr. Richard, what will it take to make you happy. Are you an MU professor still resentful that the basketball coach is the highest paid employee of Marquette Univresity? Or are you just a gloomy gus trying to incite anger?

You must have gone to NOtre Dame or something

cet3717 said...

Richard please find a new university to rip apart you must be one unhappy person by the amount of negativity you generate. I'll tell you about an altercation I also saw first hand during the McGuire years at half time between McGuire and Bernard Toone it amounted to a chair throwing shoving brawl that ended up lighting a fire in Bernard and he had the NCAA Tourny game of his life. Richard give some credit were credit is due Buzz is doing some good things with a short tenure,time will tell. You need to do a little research can you read?? explopre past your self centered mind Marquette is being mentioned by some very talented high school basketball players. WHO ARE YOU TO PASS JUDGEMENT about an altercation are you an expert in human character, let me guess you have a degree in human nature. Congrats to MU and Buzz at this early start he has more than stopped the bleeding caused by our last self cented coach who left in the cloak of darkness.

Gene Frenkle said...

I second that notion. I hated Buzz' hire, BUT...said I'd be glad to be proven wrong and hope that I am becasue I love MU.

I don't see how any unbiased person can say that at this point - considering he hasn't even coached a game yet - that Buzz hasn't done a good job so far.

To borrow the lame saying, he's taken the lemons and made lemonade. True, he has some juco guys here, but so did Tommy C. And, if those guys can graduate and are better than the transfers TC got, things will continue to look good for MU...provided he can coach.

Based on three months on the job, Buzz has an A so far.