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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An early perspective on Marquette's 08-09 season

......courtesy of the Big East Basketball Report. Here's the summary:

It will be an interesting season for Marquette, their overwhelming experience will help balance the inexperience of their head coach. Having three guards with so much time under their belt will be a big asset for Buzz Williams and should help Marquette remain in contention among the top half of the Big East. Now, if they could just find some consistent and solid interior play to help match-up with more teams, this group might be able to get farther along than they have since joining the Big East.


Unknown said...

Let's hope Burke, Trevor, Fulce, Lazar, Hazel and Otule live up to the challenge.

Championships Matter said...

You could have said this about the current crop of seniors for each of the past three years. I'd like to think this year will be different, but as of this moment, I have my doubts.

It would not matter if Tom "Cut and Run" Crean came back or if Buzz is the coach. The problem is the same and this team is a spoiled group of under-achievers.

Sure, we need a big man. But we also need guts -- guts to drive inside consistently and stop banging away from three-point-land.

Guts to step up and think and not commit a three-shot foul with no time left against a conference arch-rival. Guts to finish against a very good Stanford team no matter what the odds might be.

I may sound like Yogi Berra, but it is deja vu all over again. Mid-upper tier of the conference, a defeat in the Big East tournament against some team we should beat, a sixth seed in the NCAAs and a quick exit.

Guys, make me eat these words, would you? Please????

J.J. Pauly said...

perhaps this is wishful thinking talking, but i've already got the sense that this team WILL look very different on offense next year. no more 300+ plays playbooks to memorize...no more crean calling plays 10 seconds into the possession...no more half court weaves.

marquette will be VERY athletic again this year and crean isn't here to hinder that athleticism. my hopeful suspicion is that buzz will let the offense play free and loose...something the players have said he's doing.