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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Marquette basketball's money man

Here's a must read 'profile' on Dick Strong, the heavyweight businessman/Marquette basketball fan and benefactor. Why is it a must read?

"How big is he (Strong)? This would explain why Marquette is not Loyola or DePaul."

Don Walker of the Journal-Sentinel has the report


Unknown said...

If everything is legit, then all I can say is thank you Mr. Strong.

Hunt said...

Definitely, this guy is good for Marquette and deserves praise. Not a lot of info in the article, but that's expected with how tight-lipped everyone is. Which is an interesting thing in and of itself.

On another note, Buzz Williams. I am blown away by how impressed I continue to be with him. I mean, every article, every person from his past, every player and administrator at Marquette - no matter where you read it or hear it, people are saying the best things about this guy. I am just so impressed by his ability to get to the next level at everything he does.

This may be a bold thing to say, but I could see him being an incredible coach here at Marquette, in fact he could be one of the best we ever get. I know that's bold, but why not? His hiring was a stretch, sure, but with everything I have read and heard I just can't believe how so many people can say so many great things about him.

If nothing else, we know he will continue to recruit and be a wonderful leader for the program, thus (hopefully) keeping us at the top of the Big East for years to come. And if he can recruit the best, then as long as he can at least barely coach (which is an understatement - I bet he's a pretty good coach) we can expect to have a great deal of success in the conference as well as in the NCAA tourney in the future.

Go get 'em Buzz.

Al Kelly said...

I found this article when the rumors were going around about Buzz going to SMU. I was looking for info about Dick Strong.

Have you ever come back to this post and realized how right you were!! Great insight to Buzz when he had just been hired and all we had to judge him on were people's opinions of his character. Four years and two NCAA Sweet Sixteens later we can all agree it is "Character Revealed"!!