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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CBS Blog Poll, Week 3

After a one week hiatus I jumped back into the CBS Blog Poll hoping to make a splash -- and I did, being named the Coulter/Kos Award winner (read: I'm a biased homer). Here's the full poll results and analysis.

More on the Coulter/Kos Award after a look at my weekly ballot (which was posted late in deference to Steve's essay).

1 Pittsburgh
2 Connecticut
3 Oklahoma
4 Louisville
5 Memphis
6 North Carolina
7 Missouri
8 Marquette
9 Duke
10 Wake Forest
11 Villanova
12 Arizona St.
13 Michigan St.
14 Clemson
15 Kansas
16 Dayton
17 Gonzaga
19 Washington
20 Louisiana St.
21 Purdue
22 Texas
23 Butler
24 St. Mary's
25 West Virginia

  • MU at #8 based on the Warriors' strong road record, 12-2 overall in BE.
  • Xavier is out of the top 25 for now -- the Flyers look like the class of the A-10.
  • Trent Johnson at LSU is giving Buzz Williams a run for his money for the title of "winningest new coach" this season
  • I still think Purdue will out-perform their ranking in March.
  • Illinois sucks and will never be ranked again (by me) this season. 33 points at home?
  • Mizzou wins 10 of 11 -- I can't ignore them anymore.
  • Still have doubts about Memphis -- CUSA is horrible.
On the Coulter/Kos Award:

"You can't fault Marquette blog Cracked Sidewalks too much for voting their beloved Golden Eagles eighth , not when several other bloggers had them just as high or higher and MU is--after all--23-4 overall, 12-2 in the Big East, and coming off of an impressive road win over a truly desperate Georgetown squad. Nonetheless, eighth is enough to hand Cracked Sidewalks this week's CK Award, and fair or not it probably wasn't the best week to tempt karma: Marquette has a home date with UConn and a trip to Louisville on tap between now and next week's poll."


Unknown said...

Just imagine if we could erase the USF loss and either the Dayton or Tenn loss. Is it possible that 3 Big East teams coulda been 1,2,3? I think so.

Seriously though - Burke needs to beat the shit out of Thabeet. He's a 7 foot tall pansy. Where's Robert Jackson when you need him?

Unwobbling Pivot said...

I'm a faithful Warrior fanatic, but I don't think anyone could seriously say Thabeet is a pansy.


Nathan said...

I love that you wont rank Illinois, but you put Missouri 7...yet Illinois beat Missouri by 16. and plays in a conference that is waaaay better. The Big 12 is really the Big 1 and the 11 dwarfs.