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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Hayward shoots up to 1st round NBA status

Lazar Hayward recently became a member of the US team competiting in the World University Games, and has done quite well. Apparently, his stock is rising among the NBA Scouts as well.

Just days after Marquette fans sat through a 2nd round of the NBA Draft that saw teams ignore Jerel McNeal and Wes Matthews in favor of European players they have no intention of signing, Hayward is suddenly back in the thick of the 2010 mock draft.


I was actually researching for an early preview column of next year's Big East, comparing the incoming freshman's "star" rating at rivals.com with the returning players each team has based on their productivity last year and which ones are good enough to make the NBA.

I went to nbadraftnet to see how the NBA-duos for West Virginia (Devin Ebanks/DeSean Butler) and UConn (Kemba Walker/Jerome Dyson) were faring in the mock draft, when I noticed that Lazar is now forecast to be the 4th Big East Player in the NBA Draft and the 29th player taken overall.

If the reports are true that Lazar is handling the ball more often and well are true (this was theoretically the reason he dropped out of the mock draft last year despite his incredible shooting and rebounding) then this could be quite a key development to help the great recruiting class gel next year.

The comparison of recruiting classes and returning players from each Big East team will be forthcoming, but I wanted to get this out.

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