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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Links Update

Hey there folks. Just a few updates getting started off the week (and catching up from previous weeks).

Rosiak says, "I'm baaaaaack" from a three week vacation. Right out of the gate, he has delivered some coverage of a recent open gym at the Al McGuire Center. If you want a glimpse of how players are looking, the post is great. Of course, there is still the issue that neither Cadougan nor Mbao are with the program yet as they continue to work through Clearinghouse issues. Might we end up missing Acker more than thought?

Marquette finally released their full non-conference schedule. It is chock full of woofers, with some particularly terrible ratings for opponents like UM Eastern Shore (#341), Grambling (#342), South Dakota (were they even D1 last year?), and North Florida (#335). However, that seems just fine to me. After all, the schedule still includes the Old Spice Classic, as well as games against NC State and UW@Madison. Not to mention that next year's team will be very, very young, so it doesn't necessarily hurt to have some easier games for the team. If the schedule is like this in two years, that's an issue, but does anyone really think it won't get tougher as the team gets better?

That said, I still think it was a silly decision to release the games one by one. After all, if Marquette wanted to drive traffic to their site, they could have just highlighted these two outstanding interviews.

  • First is a Q&A with David Cubillan. Cubillan comes across as yet another classy representative for Marquette, especially considering that he had been speculated as a potential transfer.
  • Next up is a Q&A with Lazar Hayward that even has a video clip segment. It's really worth checking out.
Don't have season tickets yet? Or are you looking for tickets for a few games but are holding out? Consider the $99 season ticket package that is evidently selling like hotcakes. Evidently according to the MU Facebook posts, "We're now up to 832 season tickets sold in the new $99 price level... 167 more to reach our goal of 999."

In the final update for today, Dwyane Wade has moved from Converse to Nike's Jumpman brand. This will have an impact on the uniforms that Marquette wears next year. Marquette moves from being the only school sponsored by Converse to one of a handful of Jumpman schools.

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