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Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday Media Update

Just a few links to catch up on various Marquette activities.

Rush the Court has their BE preview. Unfortunately, they pick MU as #11 in conference and missing the NIT. ouch. In some slightly better news, Vegas Watch has a stats-driven preview and they forecast MU as #8th overall. (HT: Villanova By the Numbers for both links) I would sign up for 8th right now.

Although we covered the links to the Post-Game Press Conference as well as the MSOE Highlight reel, there were a few other links to check out in case you missed them. Here is the official GoMarquette.com recap. Check out the Cubillan-Buycks podcast, the box score, or the photo gallery. If you didn't get a chance to read them immediately, Rosiak had an immediate blog post, a blog recap, and then an official story for the JSOnline.

Of course, we're not here to talk about the past (or something like that). Want to get ready for the season? Buzz' radio show is tonight at the Annex from 6-7 PM. If you want to get your info from the talking box, Inside Marquette Basketball with Buzz Williams, hosted by Dennis Krause, starts up again on Tuesday at 5 pm (Channel 32). Rosiak is also hosting a chat Tuesday night at 7 pm. Rosiak's chat sessions are great.

You could also brush up on Famous Centenary Alumni, or even Famous Marquette Alumni. We may just have to add Wesley Matthews to the list, who had himself a bit of a breakout game a few nights ago.

Yet Another Basketball Blog has a section of printable brackets for the Fall tournaments. I agree... Printable brackets are fun. If you want, here's the Old Spice Bracket.

Finally, MUScoop poster MUCrew has produced some outstanding wallpaper for the November schedule (1440x900 or 1084x768). Fricking sweet.

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