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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Marquette takes on greatest team ever assembled and coached by Darth Sidious

Marquette is in a position to shock the world today. They will attempt to sling the stone at the evil Philistine, Goliath, in an effort to destroy the evil that is the University of Wisconsin @ Madison basketball team. This will be a challenge unlike any other, for the Marquette Golden Eagles today take on the greatest team ever assembled. The Badgers are led into battle by Darth Sidious himself...manifested here on earth in many shapes (the Grinch, Jimmy Hoffa, Dracula, the dad on Empty Nest) who is often referred to by the name of William "Bo" Francis Ryan, God, his holiness, St. Bo, or just Bo.

Don't ever call him Francis....he'll kill you. He's from Philly, you know.

Marquette has won the last two meetings against the Madison extension of the University of Wisconsin system, despite having lesser men at the helm in Tom Crean and Brent "Buzz" Williams. With the Golden Eagles severely limited by injuries and youth, the prospects for today against the greatest coach to ever walk the sidelines in the state (not named McGuire, Lombardi, Holmgren, Antrim, Cobb, Dukiet or Dunleavy) are slim to none.

Wisconsin brings to the table the vaunted Swing, a system so revolutionary, so precise, so complex and simple at the same time, that only a rare breed from the upper midwest is usually able to execute it. The Swing has resulted in the State Capital extension of UW to zero Final Fours during his tenure, but many wins in a decade where the Big Ten has been hitting on at least 3 of 8 cylinders. Today should be no exception. The Badgers are favored to win this game and coming off a stinging loss to the Green Bay extension of the University of Wisconsin, they will be ready to swing like they've never swung before.

If Marquette were to win, an impossibility but we'll throw it out there just for giggles, it would mark a three game winning streak in the series for the first time since 1984. The last 8 meetings have been split 4 games a piece.

We look for an entertaining game today and some serious home cooking by the zebras, a Bo Ryan special. No one enjoys a glass of whine like Bo Ryan enjoys whine.

Final score is likely to be 42 to 38 unless Bo really gets the turntables pushed forward and we might see both teams break 50.

As a reminder, Bo would like to remind everyone to read. On that note, we would like to thank you for reading our blog. Let's hope David can sling that rock just right today as MU is the decided underdog. Go Marquette!

Can you imagine this promo with the football team at the Madison extension? What grade level of book would have to be used for the visual? Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?

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Unknown said...

That was great! Fire up Marquette! Slay Goliath!