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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Marquette hosts mid-major in The Bud Haidet Classic

The Marquette Warriors host the UW-Milwaukee Panthers tonight at the Bradley Center. From what I'm told, the town is positively buzzing about tonight's epic tilt as the demand for this match-up of cross-town programs is at an all-time high. Yeah, right.

Remember "this is clearly an important issue to our fans and our students and fans of college basketball in the city of Milwaukee."

Welcome to The Bud Haidet Classic!!

Are the specifics of the contract still in effect? MU sure hopes so. Marquette is 36-0 against the Panthers. MU hung a hundred on the Panthers last year.

Tipoff for tonight's game is set for 7pm Marquette Standard Time.

Here are the official game notes from MU.


jw said...

As long as we're not up 11 at the half, we'll be okay.

Anonymous said...
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