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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Was Maymon promised a starting spot at Marquette?

In the last 24 hours, plenty of opinions on why J. Maymon has left the Marquette basketball team. One that seems to have some momentum is the notion that Maymon was offered a starting position on the Marquette men's team but is currently not starting. Was this the case?

Only a few people know but there seems little doubt that the Maymons believe that to be the case. In a May 28th article in the Wisconsin State Journal authored by Rob Hernandez, Jeronne Maymon is quoted as saying:

"I chose (Marquette) because I like their style of play and I trust the coach," Maymon said. "I think he's going to push me to become a better player and a better person as a whole. ... They guaranteed me a starting spot. But I know I'm going to have to work just as hard to keep my starting spot when I get there. I know other players are going to want to start and want to be in the spotlight."

Whether you believe a starting spot was actually offered or not, HE BELIEVED IT. He believed it so much that he felt it was necessary to state at his press conference.

In the Madison Times, further comments from Maymon speaks of his trust with Buzz:

"Even though he's a new coach, I trust in him. I think he's going to push me to become a better player and a better person as a whole." "He seemed trustworthy when I talked to him," Maymon added. "I didn't think he was telling me the things I wanted to hear but rather the things I needed to know. He wasn't just talking basketball, he was telling me things about dealing with academics, media, getting to class on time. He was pushing me to stay focused on what I will do."

Look for some interesting potential comments in the coming days about who said what, who promised what. One thing is for sure, on May 28th, Jeronne Maymon thought he was promised a starting position. I can't imagine a head coach promising any player a starting position, those should be earned and not promised. Whether it was a misunderstanding we may never know, but certainly Mr. Maymon felt that position was his at that time.


Championships Matter said...

Again it is likely that immaturity governed Jeronne's thinking. He likely was promised that he would "contend for a starting position" based on the talent Buzz saw in Madison.

To an 18-year-old who likely has never been told anything other than "you're great, now go out and win won for the team," contending for is tantamont to being promised a starting position.

The guy is learning the hard way that whatever's worth having is worth earning. Sure, he could start at UWM right away and, well, he'd compete in the Horizon League with a team that in its best year barely sniffs at the NCAA tournament.

My gut is that Jeronne is facing a tough challenge for the first time in his life. That Buzz is telling him, "grow up or get out," and its easier to whine and blame the system rather than looking inside himself.

I hope Jeronne grows up because if he does, he'll be one heck of a basketball player. If he doesn't, he'll be a Panther, Phoenix or a Flame down in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

I'm not looking forward to what his dad has to say. No matter what, MU is going to be the bad guy in this situation because it's a state kid from Madison and there's no sense in getting into a he-said, he-said quarrel. It'll be bumpy for a few more days, but ultimately everyone will move on. Mr. Maymon will demand the spotlight for a little longer, then he and his son will be an even less-relevant story than they were while Jeronne was on the team.

Best of luck to Jeronne, and go MU!

Championships Matter said...

Matt, you're right. But if anyone has any sense here on the Maymon side, they'd be looking at damage control.

In this case, damage control is a "tail-between-your-legs" moment where Jeronne and Buzz sit down and talk it out. Jeronne apologizes to his teammates and commits to being the best ballplayer he can be.

Jeronne has an advantage. He's youthful and mistakes are forgiven easier when folks discover maturity. Jeronne needs some about now.

Will this happen? Yeah, about as likely as UWM being NCAA National Basketball Champions this year!

Beaver said...

Buzz probably told him that a starting position is there for the taking...and an immature, coddled 18 year old would communicate that as..."I'm starting for Marquette."

We need to focus on our next game...can't wait to see the team hit the floor Saturday. What we don't know at this point is...was Maymon's energy contagious up 'til now?

The team will be stronger from this...back a dog into the corner, as they say.