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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fulce and Cadougan sit down with MUTV Sports and more

Well the season's over but MUTV Sports is still cranking out great content. In this first clip Todd Warner interviews Joe Fulce.

Brad Galli is next up with an interview with Junior Cadougan who talks about teaming with Vander Blue next season.

What folks saying about MU

Also, click on this link to watch Buzz Williams' season recap press conference from the official MU site.


Unknown said...

Wow, what a downer poll. I truly feel optimistic already about next year. Its only 7 months. Get fired Marquette!

Andy said...

I found another article about the Strawberry Mansion game:


Apparently Buzz was in attendance.

The Patrick Swilling article is baffling. We don't have room for any more scholarship players, and I can't see why we would need another guard even if we did have room. Unless one of our incoming guards is planning to decommit?

TB said...

great find, thanks Andy.