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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Senior Night Speeches 2010

When we went into overtime, all I could think of was February 24th, 2001 at the Bradley Center. Louisville, triple overtime loss on Brian Wardle's Senior Night.

Just felt awful for Wardle that night. Felt it coming on for Lazar, Acker, and Coobie as time slipped away.

What a kick in the nuts.

For those who weren't at the BC today here are the senior speeches. (And for the inconsiderate who left the BC before giving a few minutes tribute to our seniors .. I really hope beating traffic was worth it.)

UPDATE: Added Highlight video


Gary B said...

Agree. Felt terrible for these guys. You could just see how awful they felt after the loss.
However, all three did a great job with their speeches. Lazar is truly a class act.

Unknown said...

Couldn't be prouder of these guys and this team. I've enjoyed this season more than any since 2003.

Beaver said...

Between these amazing young men graduating, Father Wild retiring, and Buzz Williams blossoming....it was difficult to feel bad after losing to ND. "We Are Marquette" really means something, and I couldn't be more proud.

It was incredible that all three seniors talked about Buzz in the same sentence that they were talking about their parents. We have an amazing coach, once in a lifetime.

Lazar is pure class, and is going to be a great NBA player. Thank you seniors, the last 4 years have been incredible.