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Monday, March 01, 2010

So how rare was it to win three straight road games in overtime?

This morning, CrackedSidewalks spoke to the NCAA statistics department, specifically former Marquette Athletic department employee Mark Bedics, who helped us gather some data on MU's recent feat of three straight road overtime victories.

The fine folks in the NCAA stats department ran some data and found the following:

In 2003, Cal State Fullerton played three consecutive overtime games and won them all, but they were not all on the road.

The record for overtime wins on the road is five, but they were not consecutive games.

The record for the most overtime wins regardless of home or away, is 11 wins. This was accomplished over several seasons.

The record for the most consecutive overtime games in a row is four. That's been accomplished twice, but both teams went 3-1 and the games were not all on the road.

So it looks like Marquette holds the record for most consecutive overtime wins on the road, but this was based on a quick search by the NCAA this morning. Nothing official...yet.

Road Warriors indeed.


Unknown said...

What are the odds that if we get in the tourney we can play in Milwaukee? Maybe that's a reward for winning the BE?

Championships Matter said...

No chance!

I'd kill for that as I have four tickets to the Milwaukee tournament site, but the reality is the NCAA bans teams from playing on their home floors.

Marquette could play in hell (Madison) or in Chicago, if either hosted an NCAA first and second round tournament, but they can't play at the Bradley Center.

Joe Lunardi at Bracketology has us going to New Orleans as I think an 8th seed. Hate that place from the last time we played there (Kansas 2003 NCAA Final Four). If we win the Big East, I'd doubt we'd be more than a fifth seed. We might be in Buffalo or someplace close then.

Chuck said...

The odds are zero. No team can play on its home court in the first weekend. In the men's tournament, all sites are nominally neutral: teams are prohibited from playing tournament games on their home courts (though in some cases, a team may be fortunate enough to play in or near its home state or city). Under current NCAA rules, any court on which a team hosts more than three regular-season games is considered a "home court" (conference tournament games are not counted for this purpose).

Steve Freeman said...

who were the two teams that had four consecutive overtime games? (Penn now has three -- and lost them all.)