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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Double digit wins over Pomeroy Top 10: Wade over Kentucky 2003, Novak over UConn 2006, Amigos over WVU 2009 & Cadougan over Wisconsin yesterday

Junior Cadougan dominated Wisconsin for a 60-50 win, marking only the 4th time in 32 chances that Marquette has beaten a Pomeroy Top 10 team by double digits. The other three were Dwayne Wade over Kentucky 83-69 in 2003, Steve Novak over Connecticut 94-79 in 2006 and the Three Amigos over WVU 75-53 in 2009. (complete list of games vs. Pomeroy 32 at bottom)

Wisconsin entered the game with the 9th best offense in the country at 114.1 points per trip down the court and Marquette shut them down at 75.76 points per 100 trips.  This was largely due to the 2nd best player in the game, Vander Blue, coming up with 4 steals to help force 10 Wisconsin turnovers in the first half - more than their average for a game - and on 20.3% of their trips.  Perhaps more importantly, MU held Wisconsin to a slightly below average 29.3% offensive rebounding percentage - an area where Wisconsin has sometimes dominated MU.  The one item where both teams were awful was at the line, where if both teams had hit the average percent of free throws MU would have won 65-57 instead of 60-50 (FT%+- shows MU hit 5 fewer FT than they should have and Wisconsin 7).


Using the Game NetAvg Cadougan was dominant at 9.89, but when you consider how clutch he was when the Badgers threatened, he was way better than the stats can measure.  A couple of times when the shot clock was about to expire he went to the hoops and scored or got the ball to Vander Blue for a trey.  His 6-to-1 assist to turnover for the game was clutch with the rest of the team struggling with turnovers (including a disturbing 7 by Lockett).  But most importantly, on a night when the rest of the team hit 25% from the line (3 of 12) Cadougan went 4 of 5.

Blue was easily the 2nd best player, but there were also excellent contributions from Davante Gardner, who physically beat up Jared Berggren (22nd best player in Value Add) while holding him scoreless in the first half, Jamil Wilson, and how about Derrick Wilson.  In the Florida game, D. Wilson joined Blue as the only two players with a good game, and his 3 assists made MU point guards 9 assists and 1 turnover for the game.

Junior Cadougan, G7 10 4 5 0.800041861019.849
Vander Blue, G7 (2) 14 1 3 0.333051720045.941
Davante Gardner, F5 9 - 2 0.000171002301.444
Jamil Wilson, F4 6 - - 0.00012812011.411
Derrick Wilson, G1 3 - 2 0.00020230021.033
Steve Taylor Jr., NA- - - 1 0.00002000000.000
Juan Anderson, F- 1 - - 0.00013002110.000
Jake Thomas, G- 2 - - 0.00001000100.000
Chris Otule, C- - - 2 0.00003001100.000
Trent Lockett, G1 (1) 7 2 2 1.00022517000.000

The list of all games Wisconsin has played against teams in Pomeroy's top 10 are listed below.  MU is 8-24 in those games, and they are ordered from most lopsided win to most lopsided loss. Ironically the previous game at Florida was MU's 2nd biggest loss ever to a Top 10 team. Pomeroy's ratings date back to Dwyane Wade's last season, when MU beat Kentucky 83-69.

DateSeasonPom RnkopponentResultLocationMargin
Sat Jan 1020099West VirginiaW, 75-53Home22
Tue Jan 320064ConnecticutW, 94-79Home15
Sat Mar 2920032KentuckyW, 83-69Neutral14
Sat Dec 820139WisconsinW, 60-50Home10
Sat Dec 320125WisconsinW, 61-54Away7
Thu Feb 24201110ConnecticutW, 74-67OTAway7
Sat Dec 820085WisconsinW, 81-76Away5
Thu Mar 2720033PittsburghW, 77-74Neutral3
Tue Dec 2920108West VirginiaL, 63-62Away-1
Sat Mar 120087GeorgetownL, 70-68OTHome-2
Thu Feb 1720055LouisvilleL, 64-61Home-3
Sun Mar 2220096MissouriL, 83-79Neutral-4
Wed Nov 2120088DukeL, 77-73Neutral-4
Sat Dec 920078WisconsinL, 70-66Home-4
Sun Mar 120094LouisvilleL, 62-58Away-4
Sat Dec 2020045WisconsinL, 63-59Away-4
Mon Nov 2220112DukeL, 82-77Neutral-5
Sat Dec 1120117WisconsinL, 69-64Home-5
Sat Jan 2320104SyracuseL, 76-71Away-5
Sat Feb 420067VillanovaL, 72-67Away-5
Sat Jan 720126SyracuseL, 73-66Away-7
Tue Jan 25201110ConnecticutL, 76-68Home-8
Sat Jan 820114PittsburghL, 89-81Away-8
Sat Dec 1220109WisconsinL, 72-63Away-9
Wed Feb 2520093ConnecticutL, 93-82Home-11
Mon Feb 420086LouisvilleL, 71-57Home-14
Wed Mar 420095PittsburghL, 90-75Away-15
Sat Feb 1020075GeorgetownL, 76-58Away-18
Thu Jan 1720086LouisvilleL, 71-51Away-20
Sat Apr 520031KansasL, 94-61Neutral-33
Thu Nov 2920132FloridaL, 82-49Away-33
Wed Jan 2620055LouisvilleL, 99-52Away-47

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