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Thursday, December 13, 2012

VCU would nudge new conference ahead of ACC; Current All-Conference players for Catholic 7 + Butler/Xavier/VCU

After a day of rumors the 7 Catholic, Basketball only schools left the Big East for a new conference which we hope will be called, well, the Big East.  With Xavier and Butler also joining, the addition of VCU would put Marquette right back in the 2nd best conference in the land behind the Big Ten. Below are the averages of each team on www.kenpom.com, and the actual averages of the conferences (I tallied each team on his page since he apparently using some rounding in the conference averages his lists).

The Big Ten would still be the top conference, but VCU would nudge the new conference past the ACC for the 2nd best conference.  If Creighton, St. Louis or Dayton join instead of or in addition to VCU, then the conference would slip a few points from the totals below, but still be in the mix for 2nd best conference.  Below the team listings, I list the 1st through 4th All-Conference teams based on VCU, and then the rest of Marquette's players and then the 10 All-Americans based on www.valueaddbasketball.com, which is updated through Wednesday's games.

17Virginia Commonwealth 0.903
29Georgetown 0.854
40Marquette 0.827
55Butler 0.789
73Providence 0.746
80Seton Hall 0.720
81Xavier 0.714
85DePaul 0.698
91St. John's 0.678
93Villanova 0.676
1Big Ten0.811
2New Confererence Total0.760
4Big 120.736
5Mountain West0.724

As for the actual players, VCU would have two of the All-Conference players in the 10-team conference, while Davante Gardner would be the best player on the 3rd team and Jamil Wilson the best on the 4th team.  I know some are frustrated that Vander Blue is only up to 766th (top 20% of all players) despite his excellent play, but through the first few games his shooting percentage was low and turnover rate was high against poor competition.  He was not in the top 1500 then, and his actual Value Add was 0.00.  He has been shooting up - playing great against better competition - so he is on the trajectory to continue shooting up if he keeps playing his best ball against great competition (the opposite of what happened in the past).

Value Add continues to love Shabazz Napier of UConn as the one 1st Team All-American from the current Big East (bottom of list), but I do expect Otto Porter of Georgetown to end up as the top player this year as his 7.17 would be much higher if he had not missed the first several games with a concussion.  In fact, he may well have been the top player in the country by now if he had played those games.  All players are listed on www.valueaddbasketball.com and can be sorted by team, conference, name, etc.

42Juvonte ReddicVirginia Commonwealth6' 9"Jr5.14-2.730.007.87
43Bryce CottonProvidence6' 1"Jr6.29-0.061.507.84
48Fuquan EdwinSeton Hall6' 6"Jr4.70-2.910.007.61
52Briante WeberVirginia Commonwealth6' 2"So3.34-
64Otto PorterGeorgetown6' 8"So3.30-3.870.007.17SF
Rnk2nd teamTeamHtYrOffenseDefensePG/PerTotalNBA?
108Treveon GrahamVirginia Commonwealth6' 5"So5.76-0.370.006.13
111Kadeem BattsProvidence6' 9"Jr4.31-1.750.006.06
149Justin MartinXavier6' 6"So5.08-0.550.005.63
164Brandon YoungDePaul6' 4"Jr4.250.281.505.47
213D'Angelo HarrisonSt. John's6' 3"So2.51-
Rnk3rd teamTeamHtYrOffenseDefensePG/PerTotalNBA?
244Davante GardnerMarquette6' 8"Jr3.13-1.340.004.47
252Andrew Smith (But)Butler6' 11"Sr4.33-
270Rotnei ClarkeButler6' 0Sr5.281.470.504.31
288Kellen DunhamButler6' 6"Fr5.591.350.004.25
309LaDontae HentonProvidence6' 6"So1.44-2.670.004.10
Rnk4th teamTeamHtYrOffenseDefensePG/PerTotalNBA?
355Jamil WilsonMarquette6' 7"Jr2.71-
369Khyle MarshallButler6' 6"Jr3.810.080.003.73
370Nate LubickGeorgetown6' 8"Jr2.14-1.590.003.73
426Cleveland MelvinDePaul6' 8"Jr2.05-1.430.003.48
448Kyle SmythSeton Hall6' 4"Sr3.210.310.503.39
RnkRest of MarquetteTeamHtYrOffenseDefensePG/PerTotalNBA?
720Junior CadouganMarquette6' 1"Sr1.28-
766Vander BlueMarquette6' 4"Jr1.25-
821Chris OtuleMarquette6' 11"Sr1.50-0.650.002.15
933Juan AndersonMarquette6' 6"So0.54-1.350.001.89
951Jake ThomasMarquette6' 3"Jr1.50-0.350.001.85
1055Derrick WilsonMarquette6' 1"So0.41-0.700.501.61
1421Trent LockettMarquette6' 5"Sr0.14-0.880.001.02
1441Steve TaylorMarquette6' 7"Fr0.56-0.440.001.00
1701Jamal FergusonMarquette6' 4"Fr0.13-0.510.000.64
1Erick GreenVirginia Tech6' 3"Sr9.52-0.741.5011.76PG
2Mason PlumleeDuke6' 10"Sr8.31-3.400.0011.71PF
3Mike MuscalaBucknell6' 11"Sr8.52-3.010.0011.53
4Ed DanielMurray St.6' 7"Sr6.98-3.740.0010.72
5Shabazz NapierConnecticut6' 1"Jr6.67-2.351.5010.52PG
6C.J. McCollumLehigh6' 3"Sr6.81-1.691.5010.00PG/SG
7Ian ClarkBelmont6' 3"Sr7.68-1.610.509.79
8Nate WoltersSouth Dakota St.6' 4"Sr6.69-0.792.009.49PG
9Isaiah CanaanMurray St.6' 1"Sr7.920.652.009.28PG
10Matthew DellavedovaSt. Mary's6' 4"Sr9.131.581.509.05PG

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