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Sunday, December 09, 2012

One Thousand Five Hundred Victories

Marquette's win over Wisconsin-madison yesterday was not only a win for in-state bragging rights for another year, it also marked the 1,500th win in program history.  MU becomes the 44th school in Division I to achieve this milestone.  Illinois State became the 43rd school earlier this week.  Later this year Vanderbilt, Dayton, Pittsburgh, and Minnesota should join the club.

What is more impressive is the time in which the 1,500 wins were accumulated.  Of the 43 schools that achieved the mark before Marquette, all but one started playing basketball before MU.  The Warriors first season was 1917.  MU now ranks 28th in winning percentage for schools with at least 1,500 wins.

Below is a list of other Big East notables

Syracuse 1851 wins
St. John's 1742 wins
Notre Dame 1730 wins
Louisville 1670 wins
Cincinnati 1632 wins
UCONN 1576 wins
Villanova 1568 wins
Georgetown 1551 wins

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