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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Birthday

My wife started casually singing Happy Birthday this morning.

To whom, I asked?

"It's Travis' birthday."

Diener's been off the team two seasons, and she's still got a thing for him.

So on his birthday, Cracked Sidewalks will give you a little TD update.

Same old same old, might be the summation. Diener, after having a great pre-season, has been on the pines more often than not.

His name has been bandied about for trades, but Orlando didn't see a trade that valued TD's services enough, and the trade deadline passed.

So Happy Birthday, Travis. For your birthday, my wife wishes you a trade to the Milwaukee Bucks and lots of PT.

Travis links:


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Travis. Good luck to him and you guys too. My girlfriend's got a thing for him too. She will love the picture and the links.
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Anonymous said...

I love him for what he did on the court, but you girlfriends have clearly never spent anytime around him.

All I will say is he is the hardest gangsta' from the 'Lac.

"Yo, Yo, Yo... T D is in the hizzzzouse!"