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Thursday, October 19, 2006

CNNSI's Luke Winn: Postcard from Marquette

Here's a good read on MU from Luke Winn, currently the lead story on CNNSI's college hoops page. Winn took the time to study the MU program for this article and it shows. While there's terrific analysis of what makes the team click and how TC motivates the troops, the part that immediately caught my eye had to do with the style of play we're likely to see this season --

"We really want to get into the mid-80s [in points per game]," he (Crean) said. "If you look back to a couple of years ago, all the Final Four teams were 83 and above. Last year we were 75. The teams that play deep into the season can play different styles, but they've all scored a lot of points, and a lot of points off of their defense."
Good news folks, very good news. MU's final half of basketball last season was indeed a harbinger of things to come -- good things if you ask me. Considering MU's insanely athletic and deep roster, a pressing, uptempo style of play should translate into a bushel of victories and countless more "wow" moments during the season. Giddyup!

BTW, check out Winn's snapshots from MU.

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