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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

DWade: NBA's best?

DWade v LeBron James. Who is the better player? USAToday takes this on this weighty quandry today. Here's the case for DWade as the best player on the planet.

While this debate won't be settled for years, DWade is clearly cashing-in on his newfound celebrity and underappreciated charisma. Tim Reynolds of the AP explored Wade, Inc. in this feature which initially ran on the wire last week.


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Anonymous said...

As a Bulls fan, I will always wonder ask the question, "what if Wade fell just two more spots?". I remember the pre-draft spot that he wasn't necessarily supposed to go that high. Maybe my memory is hazy, but I thought he was supposed to go in the latter part of the top ten.

That being said, Kirk Hinrich is quite the consolation prize. That top ten (of the 2003 Draft) is quite amazing, BTW.

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