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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sycophants Unite: DWade is The Face of the NBA

.....so says Newsweek, which delivers a blowout Q/A with the greatest basketball player to grace the Marquette campus. Drumroll please..........

An NBA buzz has returned. The face of the league's restored luster: Dwyane Wade. An overshadowed, unheralded, and somewhat shy shooting guard coming out of Marquette University three years ago, Wade almost single-handedly led the Miami Heat to the NBA championship last season after they were down 0-2 in the best of seven series, and six minutes away from losing game three. Wade was unstoppable, quietly delivering shot after shot before a national television audience, as more hyped players from his draft class were at home watching him on TV. As his star on the court has risen, so too has the NBA Finals MVP's business and endorsement opportunities—and the increasing chants that a player has finally arrived to take the baton from the league's premier icon and corporate pitchman, Michael Jordan.
Love it. By the way, good afternoon LeBron James! How was your recent off-day in Rochester, buddy? Being an ambassador for your sport is a full-time job, King James.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Wade is also featured on the cover of GQ this month.