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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Haunted Hoops Recaps

Marquette hosted its annual Haunted Hoops scrimmage last night at the Al McGuire Center. There are several recaps to check out, so here's the rundown:

SilverWarrior over at Marquette Hoops (you might know him as CSTV's Eric Silver) posted two assesments of the scrimmage. The first is a full recap, including unofficial stats. The second post addresses areas of concern -- including the unexpectedly poor three-point shooting. If this team can't shoot well from beyond the arc, it will be much easier for opposing defenses to contain them.

Over on MUScoop, AZ_Marquette provided perspectives on last night's scrimmage as well. He also delivered the most encouraging reaction by saying, "I cannot believe how fast/athletic we are overall as a team." In addition mu_hilltopper has a bunch of great pictures of the scrimmage in this thread.

And thanks to the comment below, we'll link to Murff's recap of the Haunted Hoops scrimmage as well. Well done, JG.

Many thanks for the happy recaps, fellas.

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