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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Big East is the biggest NCAA winner

Today's Sports Business Daily has this little snippet

Big East Leads In Money Gained From NCAA For Men’s Hoops

The Big East is projected to receive $14.9M from the NCAA this year under the men’s basketball revenue distribution plan, according to Jon Solomon of the BIRMINGHAM NEWS. The Big 12 will receive $14.3M, the ACC $14.1M, and the SEC and Pac-10 $13.1M each. A conference’s annual share is based on the number of teams in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and how they fare over a six-year period. One unit is awarded for each tournament game in which a team participates, except for the championship game, and is worth $176,864 for this year’s distribution, which covers the tournament from ’01-06. It appears, “based on the NCAA saying revenue distribution increases 8[%] each year from its contract with CBS,” that next year’s units will be “worth about $191,000 each.” The SEC received five tournament bids this year, but “turned them into 14 units –-the same number as the ACC produced with seven bids.” The SEC next year “jumps to 77 units by replacing 11 units from 2001 with 14 from 2007.” It will be the “biggest jump in units next year among major conferences” and should “reward the SEC with approximately $14.7[M] in ’08, an increase of $1.6[M] from this year”.

Also from the Birmingham News there is this article

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