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Friday, April 27, 2007

MU gains verbal commit for 2008 class

Tony Walls, welcome to the Marquette community. Walls is a stud soccer player who will apparently become a 'preferred walk-on' for the MU basketball program when he gets to campus in 2008.

Does anybody know much about Tony Walls' basketball skills?

Shades of Marcus West, I guess. West was an all-state basketball and soccer player at Racine St. Catherine's before playing college basketball at Northeastern Illinois. West transferred to Marquette as a preferred basketball walk-on.


Anonymous said...

so is he going to be a walk-on player or will he be taking up a scholarship? also what is a preferred walk-on? is it a walk-on who doesn't have to try out for the team

Anonymous said...

He will not take up a scholarship. A preferred walk-on means he will not have to try out to become a walk-on, where most other walk-ons must.

Anonymous said...

M Jordan's kid announced he is doing the same thing at Illinois (I assume he can afford tuition). I recall a post here saying Creane wanted him. I don't think he is all that great anyway, his little brother is suposed to be better