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Monday, April 30, 2007

Wiki: Adopt a player!

A couple weeks ago, I launched a Wiki contest to improve the Marquette Wiki. It's been very successful, and we've added 113 new pages of content as well as added content to over 130 other pages.

The winner? spartan3186! Thanks for all your hard work!

  • You want to know something about Brandon Bell?
  • Brian Barone?
  • John Polonowski?
  • Jimmy Mac?

    But you might notice there's something missing from those pages. Well, feel free to click "edit" and add your information! You are the instant editor and writer of anything you know about.

    The end of the contest does not mean the work on the Wiki is finished. We're trying to make the MU Wiki a vast encyclopedia of searchable Marquette Athletics information.

    Many players need YOUR help.

  • Wasn't Damon Key your favorite player? He needs your help.
  • Didn't you used to play with Terry Rand? Edit his page.
  • Coach Rabadeaux needs your help. -- (Maybe you ARE Coach Rabadeaux. Edit your page!)
  • Robb Logterman needs your help.
  • How does George Thompson not have the best wiki page out there? Help him out!
  • And Hank Raymonds? Someone adopt Hank Raymonds!

  • I realize there's a vast knowledge base out there. If you don't have time to figure out how to edit the Wiki (it's pretty easy though!) I will help. Write up something on someone, any topic, and email it to me (Hilltopper@inbox.com) .. I will take your information and plop it where it belongs in the wiki.

    Maybe you have a great story about Mike Deane or Bob Dukiet.

    Maybe you worked in the office in 1984, and want to help share what you know.

    Contribute to this database for the ages.

    Pick a player or a season and adopt them; share your knowledge!

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