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Monday, April 23, 2007

Rosiak: DJ, Staff Changes, Scheduling


In the Tuesday editions of the MJS, Todd Rosiak filed this article about Dominic James' likely decision to test the NBA waters sans an agent.

But wait, there's more......Todd Rosiak also had another great blog entry on Monday night.

  • As has been reported, Dominic James is still floating his name for the NBA draft, but not hire an agent. This would mean he has until 10 days before the June 28th draft to withdraw his name and stay a Warrior. (From Homer's show .. DJ will be back next year; DJ knows he's not a 1st rounder, and wants to go to Orlando to learn what scouts say he needs to work on.)
  • Todd Townsend has taken a job at Northeastern. Video guy Derek Deprey has accepted a position as director of player development at Utah.
  • Rosiak has some chatter from Crean on scheduling. Here's something to make you dream sugarplumbs tonight:
Crean said there's a chance MU would try to schedule a home-and-home with a team from a major conference such as the Pac-10.
Read the entire blog here.

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