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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Recruiting Update: Rotnei Clark and Jamychal Green

MUScoop linked to an article on Rivals.com about two of MU's targets for the 2008 recruiting class: PG Rotnei Clark of Claremore, Oklahoma and PF Jamychal Green of Montgomery, Alabama. Scout.com rates Green as one of the top 20 juniors in the nation. Here's a link to the MUScoop thread on these kids.

Tom Crean already has one verbal commitment for the class of 2008 in swingman Nick Williams from Mobile, Alabama.

Hey, its early --- but TC has a track record of securing early commitments and its clear that PG and PF will be 'need' positions for the 2008 class. Here's a look at the potential makeup of the Marquette basketball roster at that time:

Dominic James
Jerel McNeal
Dwight Burke
Wesley Matthews

Maurice Acker
Lazar Hayward
David Cubillan

Scott Christopherson
Patrick Hazel
Damian Saunders
Trevor Mbakwe

Nick Williams
2008 recruit TBD
2008 recruit TBD**

I don't think the most optimistic MU fan expects Dominic James to suit up for MU in the 2008-2009 season, so the PG slot is a 'must have' for the 2008 freshman class. Clark is a high-scoring PG (34ppg as a sophomore) with a reputation as an exceptional shooter. MaxPreps lists him as one of the top 16 players in the state of Oklahoma regardless of class.

Inside, the current roster projection shows just four potential inside players on the roster in 2008. A strong PF would be ideal especially since Hazel and Saunders look to be more effective facing the basket. A big man who will demand the ball on the blocks and deliver --- wow, that'd be ideal for the 2008 class.

**pending availablity subject to roster turnover or NCAA scholarship expansion


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity wouldnt this put us over the scholarship limit? Even with DJ leaving if we signed 3 recruits we would have 13 scholarships. Correct me if i'm wrong but you are only able to give out 12 a year.

Anonymous said...

Not to stray too far from this subject but I thought you might want to see these pictures at SI.com. Definitely one of the best student sections in the country. Even in the loss Saturday, I am proud to be a Golden Eagle/Warrior.


TB said...

good call on the first comment regarding scholarship limits. The grid I pasted in this post was lifted from an entry we did when Nick Williams committed. At that time we projected that MU would only sign three total kids for the 2007 class -- of course, MU signed four.

I'll leave the projection as-is for now -- keeping in mind some of the turnover we've seen on TC's roster historically, and the emergence of that new NCAA transfer rule that allows kids who graduate to play a 5th year somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Apprciate this update. We are not in dire straights at all concerning a point guard need in that year. David Cubillan is a better shooter and more aggressive than DJ right now...and Maurice Acker is alledgedly not far behind. Let's hope for a knockout PF like Green as I think we have stretched a bit for Hazel and Saunders.