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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Friday, December 08, 2006

"You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder"

Attaboy, Mickey.

Rivarly games are what make college athletics special, and tomorrow's game between Marquette and the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a quintessential example. This is class warfare. Public vs. private. Tradition vs. badger-come-latelys. On and on.

Oh and its also about respect. Just ask Jerel McNeal, as Todd Rosiak did:

"I'm just walking through the lobby looking at the Christmas trees, and they're all decorated differently," McNeal recalled. "And one of the trees was a Wisconsin Badger tree, with all the Badgers in the red and white and everything. So I'm looking for the Marquette tree and there wasn't one there. And I'm thinking, 'This is downtown Milwaukee. Why have you got a Wisconsin Badger tree and no Marquette tree?'

".......Hey, man, we may be in Milwaukee, but there's so many people here that don't even respect us. They act like there's only one team in the state, and that's the University of Wisconsin.

I've had enough. Que the theme from Rocky.

BTW CS fave Jim McIlvaine has a great blog over on ESPN Milwaukee's site....check it out -- he stops the UW-Madison spin machine today.

If you feel the need to say something nice about Madison, join the fun at MUScoop.

ESPN's Andy Katz on the rivalry

For a red-faced view of the game, here is the Badger Herald.

Here's the Wisconsin State Journal.


Anonymous said...

Hope MU is prepared for the beating you about to receive.

Your snobbish basketball program(that for some reason loves to piss off former greats by handing freshmen not-so-retired, "retired" numbers) will no doubt get handed a loss on their "home" court. What's it like being the second best basketball team.... in your own arena?

Ring out a loss for MU.

Anonymous said...

Snobbish program.....funny. Remove the mirror before you post so you're a bit gentler on yourself.

Anonymous said...

What an ignorant post, but a perfect reflection of a UW-Madison fan/alum.

See ya on the court big mouth.

Anonymous said...

The uw hyphen madison bagders are evil and must be destroyed.