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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Here come the pre-season rankings. MU top 10

Fox Sports released their pre-season basketball rankings today now that players have decided nationally to stay or go in the draft.

Marquette is ranked 10th in the Fox poll.

CBS Sportsline also has Marquette ranked 10th

ESPN's Andy Katz has also released a poll....Tom Crean's club comes in at number 13 for the 2007-08 season.


Anonymous said...

He had to stick the Badgers in there and say "they were hardly a two man squad last year"...hah! Also practically giving Bo Ryan a lifetime achievement award.

I'm not arguing the ranking, but the writeup: MU is supposed to be about the exact same team as last year because so many players are returning? So having everyone a year older and more experienced is nothing? And bringing in four new freshmen and getting Maurice Aker won't make MU a better team? Ok Andy...if ESPN had any sense you'd be writing for the Badger Tribune.

Gene Frenkle said...

In case you all forgot...ESPN blows.

Anonymous said...

Gene did ESPN blow when they were in for the Pitt game last year? Vitale and Katz can kiss myy arse for all I'm concerned. MU should not be annointed anything. Face it coming from an MU fan UW gets better recruits and Bo Ryan is a better coach. Yeah I said it!

Anonymous said...

The first comment is another example of some MU fans inferiority complex toward WI. Focus your energy elsewhere besides crying that Katz is single handedly trying to bring down MU while undeservedly propping up WI. It has become tiresome even for this MU alum.