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Friday, June 15, 2007

Iman Shumpert Update: Bullseye Brothers

Not much new here - - but it is good to see that MU remains closely associated with Iman Shumpert, class of 2008.

....there are presently four schools that Illinois Prep Bulls-eye clearly believes are at the head of the pack when it comes to Shumpert's recruiting list--Illinois, Marquette, Georgia Tech and Clemson. All four have been there from the beginning and have offered scholarships. When Shumpert completes his trip to the University of Illinois this weekend, he will have taken unofficial visits to all of these schools.

............Shumpert has already mentioned on numerous occassions that he feels he enjoys an outstanding relationship with Illinois' Bruce Weber, Marquette's Tom Crean, Georgia Tech's Paul Hewitt and Clemson's Oliver Purnell.

Here's the link to the complete report.

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Anonymous said...

The Bulleye Bros may be overstating the relationship thta Shumpert has with Bruce Weber just a bit.

He has stated numerous times that he likes Tom Crean, Purnell, and Hewitt.

This is what he says about Weber:

I am hoping that I can get a better relationship with coach (Bruce) Weber," Shumpert said. "That is probably the one thing that I'm looking forward to doing the most."

Sounds like Bruce has some work to do and so does Illinois.