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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Big East announces 16-team tournament

The Big East announced today that beginning in 2009, the Big East Tournament will be expanded to include all 16 teams. Currently the league's top 12 teams punch a ticket to MSG.

Here's the news release.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that they did not add games for top seeds, but this set up makes the BE torunement longer and harder than an actual trip to the final four for the bottom seeds.

If any of the bottom seeds get NCAA bids, it will negatively impact their performance in the actual big dance - bad for BE.

Anonymous said...

Incredible how valuable a top 4 seed will be in the future. Playing a team that's on it's 3rd game in 3 nights? Tremendous advantage

Anonymous said...

Too much advantage in my oppinion.

Getting to the tourney should be a reward and not a right (improving importance/quality of the regular season games).

A team that qualifies should be at least given a fair shot. The footing is so unequal here it is not a 'fair contest'.

Seeing a top seed blow out another team in the BE tourney simply because they are too tired will not be entertaining and will not do justice to the equality in the league.