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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Marquette wins exhibition tilt

Marquette raced out to an 83-55 win over Division II Northern State tonight at the Bradley Center.

The Golden Eagles shook off a rotten start to blow out NSU with a dominant second half performance. The Golden Eagles were led by Lazar Hayward's impressive 17 point effort. Wesley Matthews thew in 16 points, while Dominic James added a dozen.

Our man on the scene tonight said, "Watch out for Lazar!".....looks like the pride of Buffalo, NY is much-improved from last season. That's good to hear.

Next up for Marquette is the season opener against IUPUI on November 10 at the Bradley Center.

Positives from tonight's game:

  • McNeal with four turnovers. Lovely.
  • Barro only played 16 minutes. Odd.
  • Marquette was out rebounded by 38-35.
  • MU shot 19% from three-point range. Against a Division II team. At home. Disappointing.
  • Fitzgerald only attempted two three-point shots. Ugh.
  • Cubillan, 1-6 from the floor.
Media updates
Here's the box score in .pdf

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MUScoop in-game photos for your viewing pleasure


Anonymous said...

Can someone get the word to Mike Jakabowski that DJ and Wes are juniors and not seniors? Sheesh, your own PA announcer doesn't even know the the class of the players. Of course half the time last year he introduced Barro as a senior.

TB said...

I believe DJ and Wesley are both seniors in terms of academic progress.

Anonymous said...

A few more notes - I think Trend showed some real athleticism - hopefully crean will work him in, nobody seems to talk about him.

I had some concerns with Ackers ball control.

Is Macilvaine still doing games? did not see him there.

What is with that bird noise they were playing? - very annoying.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the game was on the radio last night. I didn't see Homer or Mac. Was it on TV? I did see Dennis Krause.

Kevin Buckley said...

The game was on radio last night, as I listened to a part of it. It was not broadcast on TV, but IIRC, all future games will be on TV. Check gomarquette.com for details.

Anonymous said...

Academic Progress? Who cares where they are in academics. its basketball terms baby, i could care less what they do in the classroom as long as they are eligible!

Anonymous said...

I think they should introduce by acedemic progress...

"Starting at point guard with 85 credit hours and a double minor...."

Anonymous said...

Homer and Mac got bumped up to an area at the suite level at mid-court. They did the game on radio (1290am). I think MU narrowed the press table to squeeze in more courtside seats.

BTW--LOVE the new uniforms...they look really cool in person.

Anonymous said...

Classy post, mu rally!

Anonymous said...

NY Warrior, when can we expect Fitzgerald to hit stride which would warrant him playing the big minutes you feel he should have?

Gene Frenkle said...

I don't know when Crean will have all guns firing, but I don't think anything at all should be read into the playing time of Fitz or Barro last night. It was a tune up and an opportunity to see what the other guys have when given minutes.

Also, maybe Tom was guarding against an injury to his only proven post threat.

TB said...

"NY Warrior, when can we expect Fitzgerald to hit stride which would warrant him playing the big minutes you feel he should have?"

My main point on Fitz is that he needs more shots...given how poorly this team shot last year, its kind of a no-brainer. If he needs more minutes to get them, great - lets see if he can stay on the floor.

One exhibition into the season -- hey, we've got alot to learn about this team