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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Marquette takes on UW-M

MU hosts UW-Milwaukee on Friday night at the Bradley Center. UW-Milwaukee fans are gearing up for the game by hosting a game watching party at the Klotsche Center which is four miles away from the Bradley Center.

Marquette students will be in attendance at the Bradley Center. Thousands of them, clad in blue and gold, cheering on the Marquette Golden Eagles as they square off against an alleged local rival scheduled only to placate the 'masses' -- many of whom will be packing the Klotsche Center. Marvelous.

Tipoff is scheduled for 7:30pm CST. Ring out Ahoya!

GoMarquette preview and game notes

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Anonymous said...

Please read more than the first page of a thread before you post "factual information". Many UWM students will be at the game- I went to the BC box office 2 months ago and the only seats I could get 4-in-a-row were in the Upper Level. I suspect that the Lower level will be all MU fans (who have a much, much larger fanbase (in accordance with their history)) and the Upper Level will be a mix of MU fans and many UWM alumni, students, and fans.

The "viewing party" is for interested people on campus who cannot get a ride to or can't pay for a ticket to the game. Look at page 5 of the link you posted:

Re: Save the date: Marquette vs. Panthers viewing
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Just got this e-mail:

Venue Correction: Marquette vs. Panthers viewing party - Nov. 30th

The viewing party for the UWM Panthers vs. Marquette Golden Eagles men's basketball game will take place at the Gasthaus in the lower level of the Student Union. The festivities begin at 6:30 pm and game time is 7:30 pm. Join other alumni and students to watch the game on seven giant screen televisions while enjoying food and beverage specials. The UWM cheerleaders, dance team and the new Panther mascot, Pounce will all be on hand to add Panther spirit.

Now personally, I'll be at the game, and everyone else should be there too. Tickets aren't that hard to find. You'd spend as much at the Gasthaus. (By the way, I assume the Gasthaus can now host because it's on WMLW.)